A day bed is a sofa or foldable bed. A trundle allows you to add sleeping space to your home. The daybed can be used as either a sofa or a single bed, depending on what you need it for. It folds up neatly and easily when not in use so there’s no wasted space in your house when you’re done with it. The trundle provides extra room for sleepers if needed!

The daybed is an excellent and versatile piece of furniture that can serve both as a couch and an elevated bed, depending on the user’s needs at any given time. This is because the couch folds up into one neat bundle when not in use, which saves any unnecessary clutter from accumulating around the household area where it resides. In addition, the accompanying trundle makes this piece even more useful by providing extra sleeping space should the need arise!

As versatile as a bed, as comfortable as a sofa, and as lively as a daybed should be. Our day beds are not just beautiful but also durable to last you through the years. Day beds are perfect for any room of your home and can easily be converted into a full-size bed anytime you need it. If you want extra sleeping space you can always add a trundle.